Brondell H2O+ Coral Water Filtration System review


The Brondell H2O+ Coral Water Filtration System is a great solution for small households who want powerful water filtration in a small footprint. 


The Coral’s powerful one-stage (UC100) filtration system filters physical, chemical, and biological contaminants in your water while leaving behind beneficial minerals.

The Brondell H2O+ Coral Water Filtration System includes an elegant, designer chrome faucet with an integrated LED filter change indicator that reminds you when it’s time to change the filter. The Coral UC100 system is tested and certified by WQA (Water Quality Association) to NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of Chlorine, taste and odor, Chloramine, Particulate Class I Particles, Cysts, Mercury, Lead, MTBE, Turbidity, Asbestos, and a full list of VOCs (see our Performance Data Sheet for the full list of contaminates reduced). 

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The system has also been tested and certified by WQA according to NSF/ANSI 372 (low lead compliance) and CSA B483.1 (Canadian requirements). Coral’s powerful Carbon Block filter (UF-15) is designed to last six months, and features a Twist and Seal system that makes changing the filter a breeze. Two “Quick-Connect” hose connections make installing the Coral fast and easy. Choose the Coral Single-Stage under counter water filtration system for access to healthy, clean drinking water right at your sink.

  • Powerful certified carbon block filtration performance certified for more than 99% lead reduction
  • Designer chrome faucet with integrated LED filter change indicator (included)
  • Twist and seal filter makes replacement a breeze
  • Double o-ring filter seal to prevent leaks
  • 6 month filter life (300 Gal. capacity)
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Certified for NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, and 372 and CSA B483.1
  • Gold seal certified by WQA (Water Quality Association) for trusted performance
  • 1 year warranty

Minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium are essential to the human body. Not only do they make your water taste delicious, keeping them in your water is healthier!

However, because these beneficial minerals are dissolved solids, they will register on a TDS meter. A low TDS reading does not mean your water is healthy; these meters cannot detect most harmful water-soluble contaminants. The Coral’s filtration capabilities have been tested and confirmed by an independent organization. Review the individual contaminant list and reduction performance below in our Certificate of Analysis.


Everyone knows it’s dangerous to ingest lead. But what do we know about the dangers of ingesting chloramines, a substance increasingly found in drinking water throughout the US?

First of all, what is chloramine? Chloramine is the chemical compound of chlorine and ammonia. (Fun fact: the most common use of ammonia is in Fertilizer)

  • Public water utilities use chloramine in their facilities as a cheap and convenient disinfectant in order to meet EPA requirements, even though its use may have very dangerous and unintended consequences.

What’s so bad about chloramine? Here’s a start:

  • It is highly corrosive to metal – if it’s a bad idea for your home’s plumbing, it’s a worse idea for your body’s plumbing!
  • The EPA admits there are few studies on how chloramine affects human health. And if the EPA doesn’t know, you don’t either.
  • Chloramines are more stable than chlorine – and therefore more difficult to remove.

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User Reviews

Review 1

I chose the Brondell filter for my elderly in-laws to replace a two cartridge in housing unit. Due to their age, changing both filters and cleaning the cartridge housing was getting near impossible for them to do. The Brondell filter system is a chinch to install. I have average abilities and it took me only 20 minutes. This included removing the old leaking spout which was the most difficult part of the install. I was fortunately enough to hook the inlet tubing to the existing saddle valve. The instructions are clear and the parts were very well packed. The spout is metal not like competitive filter systems. Finally, the quick release colletts make replacing the tubing easy if necessary. My in-laws especially liked the ease of replacing the filter cartridge. One quarter turn is all it takes and away you go. Lastly, the battery powered cartridge replacement indicator light is a excellent feature. Highly recommended!

Review 2

 I came to learn that the tap water quality was alarmingly poor upon moving to a new part of my home state, and felt it urgent that I remedy the situation. I purchased a competing product and was disappointed by the flimsy plastic housing and poor filter construction, so when I saw an ad on Amazon for the Brondell Coral +1 I returned my old purchase and immediately bought this item. It was easy to install and included all of the necessary parts with a plethora of fitting adapters. The above-sink faucet is sturdy and looks pretty slick, while the plastic housing for the filter is solid. Just make sure you seat the input/output hoses firmly and read the instructions or you might have some water to clean up.
I performed a blind taste test of tap water and the filtered water from my Brondell with my girlfriend and some friends, it was immediately obvious which glass was filtered water and which wasn't. Another plus for me is the range of harmful chemicals filtered by this unit, rivaled only by an RO+ style filter.

Review 3

So the unit itself is great. The instructions are clear and straight forward, and as long as your ACTUAL PLUMBING is standard this will work fine. I had an initial issue I had to deal with which is not the products problem, but maybe this will help someone in the future:

!!! NOTE !!!
– before purchasing this product, take a look at your COLD WATER LINE and make sure that it's a STANDARD T connection. That means that there are only 2 connections on the COLD WATER LINE. 1- to the main water line/pipe and 2- to the cold water faucet line.
– IF, like me, you had someone install a previous water filter and they used their own T-valve, you'll either need to know how TURN THE MAIN WATER LINE off yourself and disconnect/reconnect the existing water supply tube to the existing T-Valve OR you'll have to know how to replace the entire T-Valve yourself.
– I didn't know that my T-Valve was not standard and had to replace it. Just a warning.

– easy to install, it comes with a T-valve adapter that you add onto your existing T-Valve for the cold water. You shut off the cold water, untwist the faucet connection, insert the adapter, connect the water filter tube and faucet line to the adapter, and connect the adapter to the valve and your 50% done.
– the rest is straight forward and easy to do, just follow instructions.

So far so good!

Review 4

This is one of the best under countertop water filtration system in it's range. It's superior filtration certification, the longevity of the filter, the reminder light, and the relatively easy installation were some of the reasons why I bought the Coral UC 300.
The parts are of the best quality as I had expected, especially the water extensions. The hoses are plastic as many of the other systems in this range. I installed the system following the instructions in the manual. You may have to add another part for the faucet installation, depends on what you are installing the faucet on. There are no leaks at all and I've been using it for a month now.
I also bought a water quality tester TDS meter to check the quality of the water. It shows that it is in the range of ideal drinking water. I hope it will stay this way.
I absolutely would recommend this product to anyone.

Review 5

We have had a host of different water filtration systems in the past, from expensive reverse osmosis to multi-stage systems to this single filter system from Brondell. Honestly, if there is a taste difference, I have not been able to discern it. This single filter system is less expensive to purchase, install and maintain. The water tastes excellent, without the ridiculous waste run-off of an RO system or the expensive membrane filters of a multi-filter system. If you have city water and are looking to improve the taste, look no further than this system.

Review 6

If you are not handy, I wouldn’t even attempt this project on your own. During a recent remodel, we had a water filtration faucet installed in advance knowing we would want one. This system comes with a water faucet, which would be great if you don’t already have one, but if you already have a faucet you can’t use it. The tubing that is supplied with this system is already connected to the faucet they send you and you cannot remove it. I called Customer Service and they stated it cannot be removed and if we tried to use the faucet that we already have, it would void the warranty. Needless to say, I will be returning this product.


Best of all, there is a huge difference in water quality – another plus is the range of harmful chemicals filtered by this unit, rivaled only by an RO+ style filter.

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