Brita Tap Water Filter System review


Brita Tap Water Filter System with Filter Change Reminder, Reduces Lead, BPA Free, Fits Standard Faucets Only – Complete, White


The convenient Brita Tap Water Filter System not only saves space, but also uses a long-lasting filter—providing great-tasting, cleaner water straight from your tap. Available in chrome or white finishes, the system attaches easily to your faucet in minutes without any tools necessary. Brita’s faucet filter reduces chlorine, lead and other impurities from your kitchen spout.

Brita Tap Water Filter System

A tall glass of water can help you feel better and stay healthier. Brita believes it should taste good, too. That’s why their filters are designed to reduce the common impurity chlorine, often found in tap water. Use Brita-filtered water for cooking, coffee, tea, plants—and even for your thirsty pets.

It all started in 1966, when West German entrepreneur Heinz Hankammer set out to fulfill his vision of optimizing normal tap water. He began production under a pear tree in the family’s garden, affectionately naming the company after his daughter, Brita. More than 45 years later, Brita is now considered a world market leader of home water filtration products.

EASY AND CONVENIENT: This Brita water filtration system attaches to your standard faucet making tap water cleaner and great-tasting. Filtration system is easy to install; no tools required. Height 8.25″; Width 2.38″; Length/Depth 6″; Weight 0.84 pounds
REDUCES LEAD: Water filter system filters out 60 contaminants such as 99% lead, chlorine (taste and odor), benzene and asbestos contaminants* that may be found in tap water. *Substances reduced may not be in all users' water

FILTER CHANGE REMINDER: For optimum performance, a helpful green and red light lets you know when your filter is working and when it needs to be replaced with a 1-click filter replacement. Replace your tap water filter every 4 months for the average family
REDUCE WASTE & SAVE: 1 BPA free Brita faucet filter can provide up to 100 gallons of filtered tap water, replacing up to 750 standard 16 oz. plastic water bottles

SPRAY OPTIONS: Filtering made easy with an on and off filtering switch and 3 spray options: filtered water, unfiltered water, and unfiltered spray. *Fits standard faucets only. Does not fit pull out and spray style faucets

Brita Complete On Tap Faucet Water Filtration System filters out odors and impurities for healthier, great tasting water in a sleek white finish. Brita is the world's #1 brand of water filtration. This complete faucet mount removes 99% of lead and reduces chlorine (taste and odor) and asbestos contaminants* commonly found in tap water It features an extra layer to trap sediments and smaller contaminates. One Brita water filter can provide up to 100 gallons of filtered tap water, replacing over 750 standard 16.9 oz. plastic water bottles, which cuts down on waste and saves money.

This certified Brita water filter system attaches directly to standard faucets in five easy steps and includes a built-in filter indicator to signal the need for replacement after approximately 100 gallons or 4 months, whichever comes first. This model does not fit pull-out or spray style faucets. Get better taste on tap with the Brita White On Tap Faucet Water Filter System. 

Features of Brita Tap Water Filter System

Brita's most advanced water filtration system
Equipped with LED filter replacement indicator
Wash by hand (not dishwasher safe)
Easy and quick tool-free installation
Brita faucet filtration system in chrome
Brita's faucet filtration system reduces contaminants that can often be found in tap water.
Brita faucet filtration system in white
This Brita faucet filtration system is available in chrome and white finishes.
Good for You

Enjoy great-tasting, cleaner water for pennies per gallon. In addition to being certified to reduce copper in tap water, this Brita filtration system also reduces the taste and odor of chlorine. (Although the substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.) That translates into healthier and higher-quality water for hot and cold beverages. It’s even baby friendly—Additional benefits also include waste reduction, since there are no plastic bottles to throw away or recycle.

Brita Tap Water Filter System

User Reviews

Review 1

I'll make it brief, I bought a water tester kit and tested on water quality before and after installation of this unit.
It has the same water quality nothing has changed. Water quality determined by the numbers read from water from
0-300. 0 for being the best water quality. Tested on bottled water, it's a number of 3, tested on my water dispenser from Primo water. It's a number of 50. Tested on Brita filter number is 150, without Brita filter it's 150 everywhere around my house and yes, I installed it correctly and followed all instructions. Also, it's flashing green light while water is being dispensed from faucet and I even let it run 10 minutes before I tested the water qaulity.
Save you guys some money and don't even bother buying this.

Review 2

This filter system is a piece of junk. I should have listened to the reviewers who have posted. After 2 months I finally gave up and removed this filter (or it removed itself). It worked as advertised for a month but then started falling off the faucet. Shortly after 1 month of this my wife said to get rid of it and get me a good filter. From the numerous reviews very few have succeeded with this product. It is a good concept for a cheap solution to filtering out a chlorine taste but it will not stay attached. The design needs a more position attachment over the top of the faucet.
I wasted $22.55 for the system and $22.67 for two additional filters.
My recommendation is to purchase an under the sink filter system. For $89.95 I just installed the APEC WATER (CS-2500) directly inline with the cold water line. This filter is rated for 15,000 hours, comes with 3/8 compression fittings and two 24 inch hoses with compression fittings. Installation went smoothly and the flow is much higher than through the Brita which is only a dribble. And over time the APEC replacement filter is only $59.95 compared to about $11 for the Brita filters that last only about 600 hours. So you can do the math and see it is better to pay more upfront and have a happy wife.

Review 3

First bought this filtration system at a big box store for more money about 16 months ago. Came to Amazon to replace it because we liked the concept but it started leaking around where it’s attached to the faucet.

It’s been re-designed since we first purchased it and the small changes are noticeable:

To change between filtered water and the straight faucet is now a slide instead of a rotating switch. The switch was always difficult to rotate because it was under the faucet and the metal got in the way. A back-and-forth slide is easier to reach and puts less pressure on the entire system because you’re not fidgeting to access the switch.

Also, the slide has 3 options now – normal faucet stream, filtered water AND a spray, like the hand held side sprayer many sinks have. The convenience of having all three in one is great!

And now the indicator for whether the filter is still usable has been switched from a green/red circle that moves as the filter gets more used to a flashing LED light, only when you’re using the filter. It’s less confusing to know if it’s time to replace your filter.

We bought this originally because we had a small fridge and it was easier to have filtered water on tap as opposed to filling up a filter pitcher every day. That hasn’t changed but the improvements make using this multiple times daily even easier!

Review 4

I live in a very rural area and get the water for my home from a small, above-ground stream. The water is filtered through an industrial filter that does a good job of removing particulate matter, but during the rainy months, our water can become a bit discolored from soil runoff. I bought the Brita filter for the kitchen faucet to add another layer of protection for drinking water. The Brita may be removing invisible contaminants from the water. I have not had it tested so I don't know. But it certainly does not remove the discoloration due to dissolved minerals and organic molecules.

Review 5

Be cautious for the order, make sure you get every details and this item for sure will work well with your faucet before placing the order. You're lucky if this is the case.

When I placed the order, there is no any alert this is a non-refundable item. Received the item and found it didn't work for me. Trying to return the item and surprised to see even as a amazon prime member I'm not able to return this item. No matter what reason chosen for the return, I always saw “This item isn't eligible for return”.

If this is the return policy for this item, this should be explicitly alerted on the website before an order is placed. This is a very frustrated order.

Review 6

I really like this filter. It's easy to set up, and besides switching between filtering water and the normal faucet stream with ease, it also has a spray function witch increases water pressure and makes hand washing dishes a breeze. However, I'm finding myself purchasing a new one, less that a year later, because the mesh plug that goes at the bottom of the filter where the normal faucet stream comes out keeping falling off. At first we thought that maybe it was filled with grit and the pressure blew it off, so after cleaning it, drying the whole mechanism, and epoxying it back on, we thought that the problem was solved. Nope. A few weeks later, it came off again. We did the same process once more, and it came off just a few days later. So now we are just switching between filtered water and the spray feature accordingly until we order a whole new unit. It's disappointing that we're having to scrap the unit only 9 months after buying it, but it's still a pretty cool device, and we still have a bunch of leftover filters, so I'll probably just buy another unit until I use the replacement filters I have.


Brita-filtered water provides improved drinking water for women during pregnancy and can also contribute to better formula for infants.

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