Zen Principle Grass-Fed Gelatin Powder review


Zen Principle Grass-Fed Gelatin Powder is made from 100% USA Hardwood trees, grown and sustainably harvested in the Eastern United States.


Zen Principle Grass-Fed Gelatin Powder made from cows grass-fed and pasture-raised on the world renowned grasslands of Brazil. Custom formula to ensure best results in your favorite baked and cooked dishes. Also mixes well in hot and warm liquids.

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An Essential Part of Your Healthy Diet. Beef Gelatin is a form of Collagen Peptides, which are short chain amino acids which are ‘cell-ready’ (easily digested) and easy to mix into hot and warm drinks like Bulletproof coffee. Peptides are crucial to maintaining healthy skin, hair, nails, joints and bones.
Much More Effective Than Collagen Creams. Gelatin powder taken as part of your healthy diet is far superior to topical creams or gels. Creams promise only a temporary cosmetic fix while increasing gelatin in your diet will help the body from within, where it can provide real benefits.

We Source Only the Best Quality Bovine Gelatin. Unlike other sellers, we use only grass-fed, pasture-raised cows from the nutrient-rich grasslands of South America. The cows are humanely raised and are free of harmful antibiotics, GMO-contaminated feed, artificial additives, etc. Our beef gelatin is produced under strict quality and health guidelines and tested multiple times to ensure purity.
FREE scoop included! Use our included scoop to make it easier to measure the amount you want to use and also reduce spilling or mess.

ENJOY THE BEST QUALITY AND VALUE compared to other brands. Compare our price per ounce to other sellers, who hide their high price in tiny containers. Our grass-fed gelatin is free of hormones, GMO and antibiotics. FREE SCOOP included!
?SUPERIOR CUSTOM FORMULA. Using leading edge research and manufacturing techniques, we created a proprietary gelatin blend packed with pure type 1 and 3 collagen and essential amino acids. with an ideal bloom (thickening factor) to use in your favorite baked dishes.

ENHANCE YOUR HEALTHY COOKING. Our unflavored gelatin is the perfect natural thickener for sauces and stews. Create treats like marshmallows, Jello, gummy bears & custard. Mixes well into hot drinks.
?TURBO CHARGE YOUR NUTRITION AND HEALTH PLAN. Our bovine gelatin powder was designed specifically to support Bulletproof, Paleo, Primal, GAPS, Whole 30 and Ketogenic (Keto) plans. Kosher.

BOOST METABOLISM AND ENERGY. Collagen protein is critical to a healthy metabolism. Amino acids such as glycine can boost metabolism and increase energy levels. It also helps in muscle development which burn more calories than fat .

Grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide gelatin made from grass-fed, pastured raised cows from South America.

Mix in your favorite drink or use in cooking as part of a healthy program of nutrition and exercise.To get the maximum benefit of this product and for the collagen to be activated in the body, take this bovine gelatin with a source of vitamin C.

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User Reviews

Review 1

It makes perfect homemade gelatin. Flavorless and gels great. Highly recommend. I use it to add collagen to my diet for healthy skin, hair, and nails. And also make sugar free gelatin out of Aldi's flavored waters (cranberry, strawberry lemonade, tropical and lemonade flavors.) I'm on a weight loss plan and it helps me to snack on it instead of eating a high calorie snack. I soften 1 Tbs of gelatin in half a cup of flavored water, then heat to dissolve. Then add 1 1/2 cups of cold flavored water and stir until smooth. It chills up to a gelatin in 2-3 hours.

Review 2

I purchased this gelatin because it was far less expensive than the brand I was buying. I also like that it's grass-fed beef. (I'm attempting to be more nutritionally conscious of what my “food” eats.)

I use this every day in my morning coffee. I only taste the most bare minimum of a difference. It doesn't change the texture of my drink when I do this. It comes with it's own scoop for servings as well, which is a nice little extra.

I will say as a side note, if you plan on mixing it into a drink with a spoon, you need to be mindful. I slowly pour the scoop of gelatin in my coffee while I'm stirring at the same time. If I don't do this, it becomes a goopy gunky mess – however, I recognize this can happen with any gelatin brand that isn't structured like Great Lakes. I'm willing to accept this so I can pay far less money for far more product to stay within my food budget.

Overall, I'm pretty happy for what I get for the price I pay and will purchase in the future if it remains at a lower cost and I continue to get a quality product.

Review 3

I bathe in this to boost collagen. My skin is smooth and silky. This is the same science concept behind peptides used in high end face products. Some places are perkier and more taut. I also internally take two tbsp of collagen peptides (from free-range cows) once a day in my coffee, but have noticed the boost after bathing in it three times a week for three weeks now. Lovin it!

Review 4

I was using “collagen peptides” from the same brand. Same price and identical nutritional values. I thought I would give this a try just to test something new. It is ok but it does have a little bit of flavor, and it gets rubbery in hot water. Viceversa, the collagen peptides were completely tasteless and would not clump.
The reason I am taking this is the Hydroxyproline that is in it (exact same amount in this as in Collagen Peptides).
In fact the only aminoacid that is in Collagen Peptides that is not found in Whey Proteins (which I take daily) is Hydroxyproline, which is a major component of the protein collagen.

There is a 2013 study, available also on PubMed, with title “Oral supplementation of specific collagen peptides has beneficial effects on human skin physiology: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.”

From the abstract:
“69 women aged 35-55 years were randomized to receive 2.5 g or 5.0 g of CH or placebo once daily for 8 weeks, with 23 subjects being allocated to each treatment group. Skin elasticity, skin moisture, transepidermal water loss and skin roughness were objectively measured before the first oral product application (t0) and after 4 (t1) and 8 weeks (t2) of regular intake. Skin elasticity (primary interest) was also assessed at follow-up 4 weeks after the last intake of CH (t3, 4-week regression phase). At the end of the study, skin elasticity in both CH dosage groups showed a statistically significant improvement in comparison to placebo. After 4 weeks of follow-up treatment, a statistically significantly higher skin elasticity level was determined in elderly women. With regard to skin moisture and skin evaporation, a positive influence of CH treatment could be observed in a subgroup analysis, but data failed to reach a level of statistical significance.”

Review 5

After I purchased this beef gelatin a few months ago, I started to use it to make coconut pudding, for I still had unflavored gelatin left. I used the same amount of beef gelatin to substitute unflavored gelatin for my coconut pudding which turned out great.

Review 6

Very good gelatin, I add a scoop to my smoothie, electrolyte and elderberry concoctions. Love fact it has no taste, but adds a great texture to cold drinks. First pour cold drink, sprinkle gelatin on top, stir well, wait five minutes, then drink.

Review 7

It ran out sooner than I desired. I had no objections about the product. When I started using it, both knees were hurting from spending several hours a day on my knees. I have taken it now for 4 months, but I realized that about two weeks after I stopped making my knees angry, the pain left.
I walk about an hour 6 days a week without any pain today. My supply also ran out today. I'll know in a few days what if any changes have happened since I no longer have access to the product. .


The gelatin can be mixed into both hot and cold liquids, but will gel if blended in cold.

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