IONtech IT-580 Water Ionizer review


IntelGadgets IONtech IT-580 Water Ionizer is currently our most basic and most affordable alkaline water ionizer; but, don't let the title or price fool you. This machine is anything but basic! With a myriad of useful features such as a comprehensive, soft-touch button control panel complete with informative text and icons for each of the alkaline, purified, and acidic level buttons, a high-efficiency ACF-1 activated carbon fiber filter that eliminates impurities and creates delicious and healthy purified water, a helpful filter change indicator light that alerts you to exactly when the filter should be replaced, and an automatic 10-second cleaning cycle that runs after each and every use, this could very well be the perfect model for you.


IntelGadgets IONtech IT-580 Water Ionizer has a lot of the features that you have come to expect and more! It is incredibly powerful and processes all of your unclean and unsafe drinking water into a series of phases so you can rest assured that whatever you drink will be ionized properly.

IONtech IT-580 has a pH Value Range of 4.5 to 11 and an ORP value of -850mv, which is the max. Its platinum-titanium electrolysis plate and ion membrane were produced in Japan, so you are guaranteed the latest innovations in technology.


  • pH Value Range: 4.5-11 ORP Value: -850mv (Max). Platinum-titanium electrolysis plates made in Japan.
  • Ceramic ion membrane manufactured by Yuasa, Japan. Temperature-resistant and non-toxic.
  • Automatic 10-second electrolysis chamber cleansing after each Alkaline water use.
  • Seven selectable levels of water pH values and a Soft Button Control Panel.
  • FREE Filter and pH Test. Active carbon fiber manufactured in the USA: NSF.

Containing 5 powerful platinum-coated titanium electrolysis plates with precise ceramic membranes, you can choose from a range of 7 different water level selections that include 4 alkaline, 1 purified, and 2 acidic levels, and the machine's “Filter Change” and “Clean” indicator lights also double as acidic water and alkaline water indicators (red for acidic and green for alkaline). And like all of our alkaline water ionizers, the IT-580 also includes a free pH testing kit that's fun, accurate, and easy to use. Just place 2-3 drops of the pH testing solution into the water to see its pH (pH color chart also included)! And of course, we cannot forget to mention the IT-580's certifications which include CE, SGS, ISO Certification.

NEW Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine with Filter IONtech IT-580 by IntelGadgets. Powerful, Affordable, FREE Filter.
  • pH Value Range: 4.5-11 (Max); ORP Value: -850mv (Max) Platinum-titanium electrolysis plates made in Japan
  • Ceramic ion membrane manufactured by Yuasa Japan; Temperature-resistant and non-toxic.
  • Automatic 10 second electrolysis chamber cleansing after each Alkaline water use.
  • 7 selectable levels of water pH values Soft Button Control Panel
  • Built In Activated Carbon Fiber Filter manufactured in USA

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Another fantastic feature of the IT-580 is a full 2-minute cleaning cycle that not only alerts you when the electrolysis chamber requires a thorough cleaning, but actually performs the cleaning for you (with just the press of a button), and plays music until the cycle finishes to let you know it's done! This model also includes a safety feature that automatically converts to alkaline water to prevent accidental consumption of acidic water, plus an additional safety feature that prevents the machine from overheating.

As you can see, the operation and maintenance of this machine are extremely easy and hassle-free, and the benefits are nearly countless, so give us a call if you have any questions or would like to order yours today!


Our easy-to-operate IONTECH IT-580 transforms regular water into delicious alkaline and purified drinking water that not only tastes great, but is great for you too, and acidic water for effective beauty and cleaning purposes.

  • Converts regular water into alkaline water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, rinsing and soaking produce and meats, making coffee and tea, and balancing internal pH
  • Removes pollutants from regular water, and dispenses clean, delicious, purified drinking water
  • Converts regular water into acidic water, which is not suitable for drinking; however, has many fantastic uses such as an astringent for face-cleaning, antibacterial cleanser for tableware and floor cleaning, bathing for infants and/or sensitive skin, sunburn relief, and it also helps to restore hair's natural shine, minimize the appearance of pores, eliminate residual agricultural chemicals on fruits and vegetables, and even works as an ideal natural after-shave


A great alkaline water ionizer machine, this model definitely has it all. Its pH value range is more flexible than the usual units but does not go beyond what you consider alkali. The ORP value is enough to make sure that your drinking water is safe and the plates are of high quality and durability, so you know that you will not have to replace this with a new model so soon.

The ceramic ion membrane was crafted with precision in Japan and is a temperature resistant model, which means that it is non-toxic as well. It has an automatic 10-second electrolysis chamber cleansing mechanism.

After you drain the alkaline water, you can prop it up and have another batch again. You can select seven levels of different pH values for your water up to 11, but we recommend going only up to 10 so it is as alkali as possible.

This model by IONtech (IT-580) is decently priced at $584.00, which is a mid-range value for this sort of equipment. The thing is, however, is that it comes with a free filter already pre-built so it is a good deal nonetheless. There are a lot of models out there that do not come with a filter and is within the same price range, so you are better off buying this one if you do not want to go through the hassle of looking, scouting, and buying your own filter.


The IT-580 by IONtech does not present a lot of workable versatility. Everything that was built-in cannot be replaced since they were hard crafted. If you are going to need an upgrade in the future, it would have to be a complete replacement.

Though this does present some benefits like durability, you are not going to have an easy time when something breaks inside. It will be a lot tougher to find exactly what broke and you probably will not have the chance to get it fixed.

This alkaline water ionizer machine’s filter is sufficient but has been reported to break easily. We are not entirely sure whether this is a production mistake since the one that came to us for review purposes did not show any signs of breaking. You definitely have to check it out for yourself to see if it will break, but we highly suggest that you have a backup filter just in case it does.

NEW Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine with Filter IONtech IT-580 by IntelGadgets. Powerful, Affordable, FREE Filter.
  • pH Value Range: 4.5-11 (Max); ORP Value: -850mv (Max) Platinum-titanium electrolysis plates made in Japan
  • Ceramic ion membrane manufactured by Yuasa Japan; Temperature-resistant and non-toxic.
  • Automatic 10 second electrolysis chamber cleansing after each Alkaline water use.
  • 7 selectable levels of water pH values Soft Button Control Panel
  • Built In Activated Carbon Fiber Filter manufactured in USA

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User Reviews

Review 1

My wife had breast cancer and her doctors have recommended high alkaline water. Thus far we have used the bottled water type. There's so much negative information out there about home alkalizers neither of us wanted to invest $1,500+ for a premium unit. On the other hand, there seem to be a lot of scams in the <$600 units. After a lot of research it came down to the Jupiter JP107 and the IonTech line. That Jupiter model has been discontinued so I was worried about warranty support. The IonTech has its own website that describes each of their models. From my research, I couldn't tell any difference between the IonTech models except the display face. This is why I ultimately selected this “basic” model. I just want the alkaline water and don't care about the fancy electronic display. This saved me $500 over the Jupiter. The unit itself came in a professional factory box and was well packaged. The unit is made of sturdy plastic and should last. I initially set the unit up in our kitchen (1st pic – this pic also shows the tools I used to install). The adapter kit didn't fit my faucet because two of the adapters were the same size (I'm sure one was supposed to be the smaller standard size). However, IonTech includes a “universal adapter” that's ugly but worked fine. The manual is a poor translation of Chineese but I was able to figure it out. The box has a bottle of pH testing liquid but it was empty. After powering up the unit and letting the water flush out a bit I tested the alkalinity using my pool test strips. The pH was off the chart high (good). My wife didn't like the clutter on her kitchen counter and asked me to move it to the garage utility sink. Moving the unit was easy. The company included a wall mount bracket which I decided to use in the garage (2nd pic). My wife is much happier with this setup. The water that comes out of the spout is cloudy but these are just tiny bubbles created by the ionization process (so the book says – 3rd pic). The bubbles clear quickly (4th pic). The 5th picture is my pool test strip after dipping in this glass of water. You can see both pH and total alkalinity is off the chart. Testing my untreated tap water shows a pH of 6.8. Overall, I'm happy with the unit. I got what I paid for in terms of the poor manual, missing adapter, and empty pH test kid. However, I mainly care about price and the alkaline water. I saved money and the water appears legitimate. We plan to use this a year or so to decide if upgrading to a premium under-sink version is worth while. I like the fact that this one is easily repositioned anywhere else I want to use it if we upgrade. Also, if the water has no subjective effects for us, we won't feel like we wasted a ton of money. I'll try to update over time if we have positive or negative issues.

Review 2

This little machine is exactly what it is advertised. I was a bit skeptical about the whole ionized water thing. I don't know anyone who has one, and there seems to be a huge debate online with pros like “it will cure cancer” and cons like “it will kill you”. with these extremes it's hard to decide. Thank God for Amazon. Its a storefront I know, a return policy that works. anyway, I've had my IonTech for two weeks, and I'm very happy with it. All the reviews on YouTube are accurate. this thing has made me a convert. acid reflux/heartburn is gone. energy level is up. blood sugar is down – like I don't have to take Metformin down.

If you are looking to buy this model you may want to buy a pH stick. It comes with some drops to test the water, but I'm a data guy. I need to see the numbers. this model doesn't have the LCD screen, so you don't really know what pH each setting is. They seem to be pretty standard now, but you still want to see how your device is performing. every time I measure the output of this machine, it's very accurate. the 9.5 pH drinking water comes out 9.5 pH +/- .05. I run it in my Kuerig and it reduces the acidity of my coffee – still need my cup-a-joe to wake up. A nice extra is the “Acid waste” come out of the tap and comes out smelling a bit like clorox. heeps the garbage disposal from smelling like a garbage disposal.

If you are on the fence about buying one of these machines, this is a good model. It's still $600, but it's not $4000. It works the same as the high-end ones without the bells and whistles. This really can change you life – I have no regret with my purchase.

Review 3

Doesn't have the range of alkalinity advertised only 8.20 – 9.8 regardless of the setting

Being a cancer sufferer I require various levels of alkalinity for drinking, medicine, teas etc, so I chose this machine as it stated the alkalinity could be adjusted over 8 different settings (3 alkaline, neutral, and three acid). It doesn't work! The neutral setting (should be 7.00) gives 8.50, the strongest acid, bottom setting should be in the 4.5 – 5.0 region, but gives 7.8 – 8.2. With the alkaline setting 8.9 through 9.8 – should be 7.50 through 10.00 or 11.00. The instructions for calibrating the unit are useless, referring to knobs that aren't there (e.g “Turn to Strong, Turn to medium, turn to weak”). There are no knobs to turn and no markings of Strong, Medium, Weak? I communicated with the manufacturer or agent, and at first, they were very helpful, even sending a video showing how to calibrate the machine (using features on this machine – no knobs). After three attempts at calibrating, it made no difference. NOTE: My test meter came with three test samples to verify the meter was working correctly (it is; it verified the three samples at 4.01, 6.04,10.20 so we know the meter is correct). They then asked for my TDS reading (Total Dissolved Solids – the amount of dissolved metals etc in water). It is 501 – which is on the high side, but OK with local water codes (ARIZONA). Now the manufacturer switched from being helpful to defending their product; They say the TDS is too high and their machine is not supposed to work with that high TDS. That can cause a lot of problems for anyone thinking of buying this machine. Check your TDS, you'll be surprised at how high it is across the US. There are various websites that list different town's TDS across the US. For interest I skipped through various random zip codes and to my surprise, a lot were above 500 – some even in the 900 range. I suggest you look up yours before buying this unit because as I was told, it will not work with high TDS. YES, it will produce alkaline water, but not over a range, very disappointing. Back to the company, they suggested I purchased their Reverse Osmosis filter at $250 as a pre-filter to knock the TDS down so their machine will give better results. So their filter unit has now gone from $599 to $849. I telephoned two other manufacturers of alkaline machines and asked if their filters depended upon TDS level, both replied “The TDS level has nothing to do with it, and their machines would work regardless of the TDS level. They were more concerned about the supply water's existing pH level (mine from the faucet is 7.4), they stated that was perfect and their machines would give the full range from low to high – GUARANTEED. Look at the photos, you'll see the various settings and the resulting pH levels. I've returned this machine and am purchasing one from one of the other manufacturers. I wrote to the company and told them that I would be returning the machine, but there answer came AFTER I had issued the return. They said their machine was possibly faulty and I should return it to them, but after hearing that their machine doesn't work on high TDS and other company's telling me the TDS is irrelevent, I think I'm correct in returning it and trying another manufacturer.


It has enough benefits to justify the mid-range pricing and comes with a free filter and pH test. The fact that all of the internal parts were manufactured in the USA should give everyone an idea of how high quality it is. Though the materials were made in Japan, they were in high precision manufacturing labs, so there will not be any issues with those.

You have to keep in mind, however, that once something breaks inside, you are more likely to replace the entire machine itself since none of the parts are open to replacement. Definitely worth a buy overall.

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