Wizelephant 2 in 1 Chlorella & Spirulina TABLETS review


Wizelephant 2 in 1 Chlorella & Spirulina TABLETS is premium grade, which means it's totally pure and rated at the highest quality.


Wizelephant 2 in 1 Chlorella & Spirulina TABLETS i produced and ethically cultivated in a small farm in Southern Taiwan, one of the cleanest and environmentally protected sources in the World.

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* Pure, Raw and 100% Natural! No additives, No GMO's or any other nasties!

* As Chlorella could be poorly digested, so we use unique process that gently cracks the cell wall, releasing nutrients
more effectively with 85% rate of digestibility.

* It tastes and smells fresh, but not fishy, as our Chlorella & Spirulina is grown in alkaline mineral-rich spring water.

* Tablets come in a high quality paper kraft bag with secure zip-lock to keep the product fresh for longer.


* Cleansing Chlorophyll helps to restore natural energy level

* Purifies blood and brings body back to Alkaline State

* Is high in Antioxidants and enriched with Vitamin B complex

* Promotes Detox and helps to maintain great skin condition

* Enhances metabolism and supports healthy aging

* Ultra-rich in Iron, Protein, Minerals, Amino & Fatty acids

* Supports Immune system and helps to recover after cold

Both Chlorella & Spirulina are waterborne organisms, but at the cellular level, they are quite different. They have a concentrated balance of nutrients to help cleanse and detoxify the body, and a high concentration of protein that supports energy and clarity. When used in tandem, their powers intensify.

CHLORELLA is a freshwater green single-cell algae. This amazing Superfood triggers your body's natural defense, containing the highest amount of CHLOROPHYLL of any known plant. Chlorella has higher IRON content than Spirulina. It's unique benefit is a phytonutrient called Chlorella GROWTH FACTOR which helps your body's cells to renew themselves and repairs nerve tissue damage, keeping you young and sharp for longer.
Important! Chlorella's cell wall has been BROKEN by a patented low-temperature and high-pressure method for better digestibility and nutrient absorption.

SPIRULINA is blue-green algae containing ~70% of PROTEIN, more than Chlorella and any other food. It provides all 8 types of ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS. Spirulina’s blue tint comes from a higher concentration of a phytochemical called PHYCOCYANIN. Spirulina is rich in β-CAROTENE which transforms into vitamin A once consumed and supports good vision, skin and hair health. It also contains the high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids and gamma linoleic acids (called “GOOD FATS”). 

CAUTION: Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement. KEEP OUT THE REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT USE IF SAFETY SEAL IS DAMAGED OR MISSING. STORE IN A COOL, DRY PLACE.


50% Premium Grade Chlorella (Broken Cell Wall) & 50% Premium Grade Spirulina


Take 15 tablets daily.

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User Reviews

Review 1

It helps me and my baby to stay nourished!
I’m a breastfeeding mum, so chlorella & spirulina tablets help me & my baby girl to get all nutrient we need. These are super tiny tablets, thanks God so it’s easy to swallow. I’ve started with just 5 tablets as it said in a user guide I’ve got from Wizelephant when I bought the product. I’ll increase my intake gradually to get used to it. I have read it supposed to remove toxins from my body to maximize the quality of breast milk and reduce my baby’s tummy bloating. So far so good. I think my sleep got better and I have much more energy to do stuff even though I have to be up a few times a night to feed my girl. I bought powder and tablets to try both.

Review 2

I bought this in July of 2018. I didn't get the extra energy everyone got, maybe because I take another green algae and my body is used to the extra energy. I work with radiation daily and I use this and other products to remove that from my body. The reason I'm posting a review is because of something that happened that has never happened before. I carry the virus that causes fever blisters. I began feeling that familiar sign of one coming up in the same spot. The tingling, itchy sensation that tells you, you are going to have to deal with the awfulness for at least two weeks. That happened the same time my Chlorella & Spirulina package came in. I thought, well, let's put this stuff to the test! On the 3rd day, when my fever blister should have been blooming bright like a painful flower, it was still under the surface and smaller. One the fifth day, when it should have been at peak bloom, it was at the very end stage with a tiny, and I mean tiny scab and over! Nothing has ever shortened the stages of a fever blister for me and I've tried everything. This stuff completely worked on my immunity and healed it before it began. I'll definitely be buying again.

Review 3

I took spirulina once before when I was going through a rough breakup and couldn’t stop crying, but didn’t want to get on prescription anti-depressants, I don’t like the way they make me feel. Surprisingly the spirulina really helped dry up the tears, and made me feel just better in general. I’ve never taken Chlorella before, but after doing some research, I’m excited to see how they work together. I’m not looking for relief from depression this time, but over-all health and increased energy to keep up with my six kids 🙂

Review 4

These little green Chlorella % Spriulina Tabs give me enough energy to stay alert throughout my day. Great product and AWESOME family owned business. I contacted the seller and they are some of the nicest people. Don't go crazy, either, trying to figure out if this product is better than all the rest on the market. It is certified free from any contaminates, period.

Review 5

Great quality and terrific price! I've been using the product for 6 days with the recommended servings. I can already feel a difference in energy. The small tablet size makes them easy to take. I've already recommended this product to a few of my workout friends. Great product!

Review 6

I bought these because I don’t eat meat and needed a source of b-12. I had been taking some b-12 gummie vitamins as my doctor said I was very low. Well the gummies were a total waste of money. They didn’t do anything for me. I looked into just chlorella tabelfa but then stumbles across these. And I am GALD I DID!! Once I tried these, my energy is almost like….. unbelievable?? I have a 4 year old and 1 year old and today, after waking up with very little sleep. I took my 10 tablets and was cleaning all day but loads of energy. And I felt so calm and clear unlike a coffee buzz. To be honest the energy these pills gave me were basically just a nice added bonus, I really just wanted them for the b-12 but now I convinced to keep these around! This mama is thankful!!!

Review 7

I'm no expert on quality or purity, I guess we're all guessin' a bit there with supplements, but I've used a few different brands and these seem as good as any. They seem a bit smaller(these are 15 tabs per serving vs. 12 tabs the others I've had) which may easier for some to swallow? I usually chew them, I like the flavor, kinda' nutty/malty, these taste about the same an any others I've had…btw, if try the chewing thing, they WILL turn your mouth green…good for St. Paddy's Day! Shipped fast and good overall I'd say!

Review 8

Here's an update now that I've been taking this awesome product for several weeks. Absolutely awesome. Definitely provides a remarkable energy boost. Aside from great results, love the freshness, pure fragrance, crisp packaging and knowing a small family business with strong sense of quality and pride stands behind their gift to the world.


The packaging is awesome, the pills are tiny, very easy to swallow, and they smell fresh.

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