Whirlpool EveryDrop Water Filter review


Whirlpool EveryDrop Water Filter is a product of Whirlpool Refrigerator.


Whirlpool EveryDrop Water Filter is a two port filter—reduces 24 contaminants including lead, asbestos, and industrial chemicals. Each filter provides 200 gallons of filtered water and should be changed every 6 months or 200 gallons to ensure proper contaminant removal and flow rate. NSF certified.

everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 1, EDR1RXD1, Single-Pack , Purple
  • Everydrop Filter 1 is the only filter approved by: Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid and JennAir brands

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-Make sure this fits by entering your model number.

-Make sure this fits by entering your refrigerator model number

-EveryDrop Filter 1 is the only filter approved by: Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid and JennAir brands.

-Certified to reduce 99% of lead, offering superior contaminant reduction for you and your family

-Reduces 28 contaminants including including lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and waterborne parasites (NSF 401, 53 and 42 certified)

-Offers clean, fresh tasting water

-Replaces 1500 water bottles

-Used in side-by-side, top freezer and bottom freezer refrigerators which accept Filter 1

-For the cleanest water, replace your filter every six months (to maximize contaminant reduction)

-The only genuine replacement for the discontinued W10295370A

-EveryDrop Filter 1 is the only filter Certified by Whirlpool Corporation to work with your Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, JennAir, and Amana refrigerator.

-NSF Certified to Reduce the Most Contaminants. Reduces 24 contaminants, including pharmaceuticals, waterborne parasites, lead, and pesticides

-Certified to fit these leading refrigerator brands: Whirlpool, MAYTAG, KitchenAid, JENN-AIR and Amana. The only Genuine Replacement for the discontinued W10295370A.

-Used in side-by-side, top freezer and bottom freezer refrigerators which accept Filter 1

-Replace filter every 6 months or 200 gallons to maximize contaminant reduction

Other Useful Information

1. Service calls to correct the installation of your major appliance, to instruct you on how to use your major appliance, to replace or repair house
fuses, or to correct house wiring or plumbing.

2. Service calls to repair or replace appliance light bulbs, air filters or water filters. Consumable parts are excluded from warranty coverage.

3. Repairs when your major appliance is used for other than normal, single-family household use or when it is used in a manner that is contrary
to published user or operator instructions and/or installation instructions.

4. Damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, fire, flood, acts of God, improper installation, installation not in accordance with
electrical or plumbing codes, or use of consumables or cleaning products not approved by Whirlpool.

5. Cosmetic damage, including scratches, dents, chips or other damage to the finish of your major appliance, unless such damage results from
defects in materials or workmanship and is reported to Whirlpool within 30 days from the date of purchase.

6. Any food loss due to refrigerator or freezer product failures.

7. Costs associated with the removal from your home of your major appliance for repairs. This major appliance is designed to be repaired in the
home and only in-home service is covered by this warranty.

8. Repairs to parts or systems resulting from unauthorized modifications made to the appliance.

9. Expenses for travel and transportation for product service if your major appliance is located in a remote area where service by an authorized
Whirlpool servicer is not available.

10. The removal and reinstallation of your major appliance if it is installed in an inaccessible location or is not installed in accordance withpublished installation instructions.

11. Major appliances with original model/serial numbers that have been removed, altered or cannot be easily determined. This warranty is void ifthe factory applied serial number has been altered or removed from your major appliance.

The cost of repair or replacement under these excluded ircumstances shall be borne by the customer.

everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 1, EDR1RXD1, Single-Pack , Purple
  • Everydrop Filter 1 is the only filter approved by: Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid and JennAir brands

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User Reviews

Review 1

Do not buy from this source. These are defective filters. I replaced the old filter with the one I received from Amazon ( having done this many times before) and the new filter made a grinding motor sound and barely dripped water. I re-installed several times with the same result. I subsequently went to Home Depot and bought the same filter which installed and worked perfectly on the first try. They are selling defects. Do not buy from this source.

Review 2

I did ppm test, the filter's number, “244” tap water, “247” this filter doesn't filter much.

Review 3

I was skeptical about buying the water filter after all the negative reviews, but it surprised me. My fridge was new and this is the first time I had to change the filter. Whatever filter was already IN the fridge had a terrible plastic taste so I was concerned that it would stay around with the new filter. To my big surprise it was much better. I only drink spring water and have drank from the filter and liked it- it had no after taste or plastic taste anymore. I did have some air bubbles following the filter change but it does go away after a little while. I made sure to run the water before the first use (as directed) although I didn't measure the water so was it exactly however many gallons??? No idea! I am very happy with my purchase and will only order this filter for my Whirpool fridge.

Review 4

Original September purchase: product came in original manuf packaging, fits well and works fine.

12 March Update #2: went for more water and got the hammering sound. Upon opening the filter cartridge area, the paper towel I used to pad the cartridge is now soaked. Redid papertowel (little thicker) and when I went back to check on it a couple hours later, paper towel getting wet again. Just submitted a refund request. Will try to buy from a brick/mortar store to see if I have better luck or even try to find an alternate option. Will see what works!

12 March Update: bought again but had issues when I installed it. I’d get a hammering noise and then no water would flow. Searched high and low for the ‘how to fix’ and found it on a YouTube video. The latest cartridge I received was ever so slightly smaller than the last one, so it was making a complete seal when the filter compartment lid was closed. So upon advice from the YouTube video I put in a folded piece of paper towel (about 1/4 sheet folded up) btwn cartridge and door and Voila – it worked w/out issued! No hammering noise and water flows freely. Will update again if this changes anytime soon!
Review 5

Best I've tried. Makes a significant difference on joint pain, hair, and nails.

Review 6

Better flow than the ones that came with the fridge and subjectively the water seems to taste better. I've read this one filters out fluoride better than the old factory ones did, though I haven't tested that. Stupid expensive for a filter though. They've got us cornered with the custom filter type.

Review 7

By far the best brand that we have found. We love the fact that you can use your amazon prime & it gets here in a matter of days. Sometimes these will go on sale & we stock up because we have had really good results from this filter. It is true to time. Meaning, I have wrote the dates of the day we replace the filter on the filter itself and each one has lasted us exactly 6-6.5 months & we use it A LOT! it is our main source of water in the house because we are iffy about consuming the tap water! Great purchase. You can truly taste the difference it makes!

Review 8

This item works. I purchased a different product that was half the price that did not work. This is the only filter thst works on my whirlpool side by side fridge/freezer. And, these filters only last me about 2 to 3 months. Getting expensive to use. Maybe it's my water pipes,I don't know,I'm on city water in florida. But it plugs up about every 3 months,and I need replace

Review 9

This is a good filter that does a pretty good job making our really crappy San Diego water taste acceptable. It does not last 6 months for us… more like 4 months, but I think after my previous experiences with off-brand filters, I will stick with the legitimate version. This is the second time I bought this filter and will buy it again.


EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 1 is a good filter that does a pretty good job.

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