Viva Naturals USDA Organic MCT Oil review


is one of the best fish oils you can find on the market! Viva Naturals is Dietitian approved!


Because they’re processed a little differently than other sources of dietary fat, MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) provide you with an alternative source of energy and can help support your body’s ability to burn fat as a source of fuel.* Made with 100% organic, non-GMO coconuts, is an easy and convenient way to supplement with these energy-supporting fats* that can quickly and easily be added to salads, sauces, smoothies, coffee and more! 

How Viva Naturals Organic MCT Oil Can Help: Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels* Viva Naturals Organic MCT Oil can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range by making you feel full, and supplying energy to cells when glucose, the body’s primary source of energy, is limited.* Provides Mental Support* Following a low-carb or ketogenic diet can have an impact on your mental clarity and focus. Viva Naturals Organic MCT Oil can help support increased energy, stamina and mental focus in this carb-depleted state.

1. SUPPORTS FAT-BURNING POTENTIAL* – Because they’re utilized by the body a little differently than other sources of fat, MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) provide you with an alternative source of energy and can help improve your body’s ability to burn body fat as a source of fuel.*

2. SUPPORTS ENERGY & MENTAL FOCUS ON LOW-CARB DIET* – While on a low-carb or ketogenic diet, your liver produces ketones to supply your brain with the energy usually provided by carbs and sugar. Viva Naturals Organic MCT Oil can help support increased energy, stamina and mental focus in this low-carb state.*

3. ODORLESS & TASTELESS – Because it’s both neutrally flavored and odorless, even those with a sensitive palate can enjoy the healthy benefits of our Organic MCT Oil. Substitute traditional oils with MCT oil in homemade salad dressings, sauces, smoothies and more.

4. A COFFEE KICK-START – MCT oil has become a favourite add-in for coffee drinkers, too. Adding a tablespoon of Viva Naturals Organic MCT Oil to your morning coffee can provide a much-needed supply of energy to kickstart your day.*

5. HAND PICKED & THIRD-PARTY TESTED – Free of fillers, flavors and additives, Viva Naturals Organic MCT Oil is extracted from fresh, 100% organic coconuts. Every batch is hand-picked and third-party tested.

Safety Information
Begin by using one tablespoon a day or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Excessive consumption may cause digestive discomfort.

Begin by using one tablespoon a day or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Excessive consumption may cause digestive discomfort.

User Reviews

Review 1

I have been Keto for over a year, always used coconut oil in my bullet-proof Tea in morning. Mostly because I thought it wasn't worth the extra money. Still feel great on Keto but weight loss had plateaued, 2 months ago I switched to MCT oil, it has made a big difference, get into ketosis faster, more energy and satisfied longer, makes intermittent fasting easier. Best of had to buy all new pants a size smaller…woo-whoo. My bullet-proof Tea, I make a pot of green tea with fresh ginger, night before, in morning I heat up lg cup of tea, and blend with 1 tablespoon KerryGold (Grass-fed) Butter, 1 tablespoon MCT oil, 1 scoop Collagen peptides. It's yummy, creamy/foamy like a latte. Most people make bullet-proof “coffee” and some add heavy cream as well.
Keto Side note: For over 10 years ago I was suffering from various health issues, thyroid, autoimmune, weight gain, acid reflux, back and neck pain, allergies and sinus issues. Various Doctors all had me taking different meds for each alignment, but I felt terrible all the time. A friend suggested seeing a integrated medical doctor. He felt all my health issues were related and basically caused by an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in gut that can lead to inflammation and many serious health issues. Taking probiotics would not be enough, bad bacteria craves sugar and carbs, to restore balance I had to cut their food supply. It made sense but not sure I believed it would really help but worth a try. Giving up sugar, wheat and processed foods, seemed impossible and was a hard adjustment basically followed Paleo. But after 1 month of low carb, felt a real difference, after 3 months felt even better and losing weight, by 6 months amazing, health issues disappearing and no meds at all. Later I discovered Keto and made giving up sugar and grains much easier, when you use healthy fats to fuel your body, you are satisfied, not hungry and cravings disappear. At 51 I feel younger and better than ever.

Review 2

I really like this MCT oil. It doesn't have any taste and no oily feel on my tongue. A high quality product in my opinion.
On a personal note, my cholesterol HDL went from the low 30's to 60 in just one month of using it. Plus my Risk Factor went from 4.7 to 3.1 in the same time. I have had a low HDL most of my life and credit this MCT oil for the unexpected improvement. Since this is the first MCT I have tried, I see no reason to change to another. Is this a scientific test? Of course not, but it works for me.

Review 3

Being in my late 30s and 1 kid later, I'm not quite as svelte as I used to be. On top of that, I have slowed way down physically. I began the keto diet to start something different and lose weight. That has been going fine, bit slow but fine. I started using the MCT oil 3 days ago and oh my gosh. Starting yesterday it has really made a difference. I come home from work and actually did things around the house and much to my husbands shock, made dinner! Today was the first day I put it in my coffee and I have cleaned the garage, raked leaves, picked up groceries, made zuchinni bread, home made marinara, various mom duties to a 6 year old, and now will start shampooing my front room. It's only 2:30. Basically, come Monday I will not feel as if I wasted my weekend. I don't feel jittery or jumpy. I just have no desire to sit and I am not wore out at all.

Review 4

I have been using this product for several weeks and I've loved it. I have had no digestive upset at all. For those who have stomach upset – try taking this with tea or coffee instead of on an empty stomach, and start out with taking 1 tsp per day to work up to 1 tbsp if this is your first time taking MCT oil. Good vendor, quick shipping. Product is as described. This is a product I would purchase again.

Review 5

I bought this in November of 2017 to get me started on the Keto diet. When I first opened each bottle there was a dirty dish sponge kinda smell to it. When I added it to my coffee it made me feel as though the cup must have been washed with a dirty sponge (my cup was clean) and gave it that taste and smell as well. Plus I did not feel anything different. No boost of energy and no satisfied feeling of not being hungry. Since it was my first experience with MCT oil I thought that it was probably normal. I tried researching if MCT oil has a bad smell or taste and I could not find anything or any one mentioning it. This made me suspicious. A few days ago I bought MCT oil for the second time on Amazon. This time I noticed there was a listing for Nature's Way 100% Potency, No Fillers, hexane-free and more importantly – flavorless and odorless so I ordered it. Just got it today and sure enough it is flavorless and odorless. I just took a tablespoon so I can't say whether or not it works, but at least it's not disgusting like this VIVA brand. The VIVA brand must be doing those fake reviews and using other tricks to get it to the top listing on Amazon. I still have the two VIVA bottles that are both AT LEAST 3/4 FULL. I just went to take a pic of the two bottles I have to add to this review and I just now noticed that on the bottle it says Flavorless & Odorless. LIARS.

Review 6

I enjoy the product. It gives me a great deal of energy, without making me shaky or high strung. My only issue (and the reason I probably will not purchase it again) is the packaging. No matter how I try to pour the oil, it runs down the side of the bottle. It needs to be fitted with a mouth similar to an olive oil bottle. At $25 a pop, I really don't want to waste the product.

Edited to add…I purchased the powder not realizing that it contains maltodextrin, which is not great for those maintaining a ketogenic diet. Stick with the oil!!

Review 7

After read so many positive reviews I decided to give a try. The first time I only put half spoon but I feel my stomach hurt and I had to go to bathroom. I guess because this is the first time I am driking MCT. But after a week, my stomach still hurt. And I want return this stuff since its not for me and I found that this is non-returnable!!! So buyer be AWARE!!!


The quality and freshness of their products is consistently reliable . Viva Naturals is a name that I turn to first.

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