Sports Research MCT Oil Powder review


Sports Research MCT Oil Powder are manufactured by third party audited and certified facilities compliant with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) standards.


This Sports Research MCT Oil Powder is made from Non-GMO Coconuts (Zero Net Carbs). A Keto Friendly, Fat & Fiber Source for Sustained Energy, Appetite Control & Gut Health.

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BENEFITS: Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a type of fat that may help your body achieve Ketosis – the process which your body burns fat for energy.*

HIGHEST MCT% PER SCOOP: Our MCT Oil Powder contains the highest amount of MCT Per scoop (75%) over any other brand.
CONVENIENT & MIXES EASILY – MCT Oil Powder is neutral tasting, and can be added to any drink, including coffee an protein shakes! The powder mixes easily and is convenient for travelling or your daily trip to the gym or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

KETO DIET FRIENDLY: Those of us living the Keto lifestyle incorporate MCT's daily because they easily convert to ketones, giving the brain and muscles a rapid and steady fuel source.*

PREBIOTIC FIBER: The Acacia fiber included in our MCT powder has the added benefits of a prebiotic fiber, offering powerful gut-healthy properties that can help increase the ratio of good bacteria in your gut and assist weight management – all without the stomach discomfort.

Last update on 2020-12-08 / Links, Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

User Reviews

Review 1

This is a good product and I’m a repeat buyer but it should come with a warning label to new consumers. If you’re not used to it and you take too much you will need to stay close to a bathroom. This side effects goes away after a few days but TAKE IT SLOW, trust me on this.

Review 2

HOLY GRAIL. I have folliculitis/fungal acne and was looking into a good alternative for scalp massaging oil. And you might ask yourself, who oil their scalp? Me. This girl. After 26 years, I finally develop an itchy reaction against shampoos. Dandruff shampoos are the bane of my existence. They actually aggravated the situation. It can even be shampoos that are free of SLS/allergen free like the free and clear and I still get an itchy scalp. It was a weird itch bc there was no dandruff, pus, nothing. Just an itch that made me went mad T_T The only thing that kinda made it better was moisturizing shampoos. However, those moisturizing shampoos made my hair super flat and caused some acne like bumps on my face. Then, I heard on reddit that some people were using oils on their scalp and it helped them a lot. However, olive oil and castor oil were too heavy for my hair and caused pimples on both my scalp and my face. Therefore, I thought since mct oil is great as an oil cleanser for people who have folliculitis, then it might work for me! And yes, my god yes did it work! I can massage this into my scalp, let it sit for a few minutes or half an hour, and shampoo it off with any cheap shampoos and my hair is lustrous, full of body/volume, and my scalp is hella happy! I tried it with shampoos from pantene, suave, kirkland, etc and the end result was amazing. Then I use a light weight conditioner and my hair has been in great condition ever since! BUY IT. And if you don't like it, just return it because amazon prime has a great return policy!

P.S.Sorry for the longgggg paragraph but if it can help out another person who has a similar condition as me, then why not. 🙂

Review 3

No idea if this really works but if you use to much, it’ll make your farts lumpy. Seriously. You’ve been warned.
If you need a system flush this is the stuff. Just be sure to dedicate some time to yourself. Make sure the iPad is charged, candles burning and Lysol spray is topped off.

Review 4

Heres the deal.

I bought this because my husband had read that it was amazing and beneficial in many ways. So I got it. Its been 3 weeks now, and I've been waiting to write this review, to see how it was going to work out. Well, it works great for how it is intended! My husband said he is feeling much better, he has more energy, and feels more mental clarity. His energy level has increased a TON, which is awesome! He uses one or two doses in his coffee in the morning, and it truly is odorless and tasteless.

Here is the downside. His farts because of this are HORRIBLE! The kids and I are dying! He used to only poop once a week or so, and now he says that hes pooping once a day, and that they are nice comfortable poops. Not runny or anything, just pleasant. But the flatulence! Its AWFUL! He let one go in the car yesterday with the kids and I in it, and I thought we would suffocate before the windows were rolled down.

So yeah, great product for what is it intended, but its got some intense side effects. Just be warned.

Review 5

I use this twice a day. Once in the morning in my coffee and again around 2pm in a bottle of water. I have been on the Keto diet for 6 days and already down 7lbs.

Review 6

This MCT oil allows me to get 30 to 60 extra grams of hidden fat in my diet every day. 1 to 2 tablespoons makes my scrambled eggs fluffy and there is absolutely no aroma or flavor. I combine this oil with lard for any frying, chicken, fish you name it. One bottle lasts forever. Before every workout, I make my ketone water and squirt a tablespoon directly into my mouth for an extra boost of energy.
I did my own research by the way. Do yours. You will find out that study after study after study praises the benefits of Medium Chain Triglycerides. Also, I just had labwork done at my doctor, my cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugars were the best they have ever been. I will be 49 this year and in the best health of my life.

Review 7

I have no idea if this works well or not, because every time I took it I had explosive diarrhea for hours. Very painful. My coworkers thought I was being irresponsible, ditching work, when I was actually dying in the bathroom, giving birth to a new mutant race that would dominate mankind.


MCT Oil Powder Mixes in Coffee, Smoothies & More to make it refreshing.

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