Organifi is an all-natural food and nutritional supplement manufacturing company. The business recently released its Organic Superfood Protein Powder, a special protein powder which is formulated to taste excellent while supplying exceptional nutritional advantages.

All-Natural, whole food nutrition products which support the naturopathic principle the human body is effective at creating and supporting perfect well-being if given the “appropriate tools”.

The company reminds me of Purium (Pure Premium) products that were marketed as whole food, live food, green food, exceptionally alkalinized, all-natural, vegan, superfoods. All with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners…no binders, fillers or preservatives…no synthetic ingredients…no GMOs.

Pick from powerful products for fat loss, anti-aging, detox & digestion, immune support, sports & fitness, skincare, pet care, etc.

They have some Unique offers: FREE 10-meal sample of the new L..V.E. Superb Meal ((only pay $9.95 S&H): One serving contains more protein than 2 chicken breasts, more fiber than 5 pieces of whole grain bread, more antioxidants than 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, more essential fatty acids than 12 oz of salmon, and more. (I tried it and it tastes fantastic. No way could I eat all that food to get all that nutrients!).

Ok, then when I made a decision to buy the Organifi product I was just a little skeptical. Being a real bodybuilder, I’ve taken many distinct protein bars, shakes, and bites for 20 years to supplement my nutritional needs. Naturally, I used to be interested once I saw this product and was tempted to look into it more.

The superfoods contained in only two scoops, the recommended dosage, is unbelievable. Being vegetable based, I wished to observe how it did as far as appetite suppressant and energy levels so I replaced a supper with this and then hit the gym 1 hour after. My workout went great as I did not have to cope with the effects of eating a substantial meal. I also could finish my work out no trouble. It took another couple hours after my work out to get starving that is standard even if I eat a regular meal. When you might be looking to meal replace or supplement this things surpasses a standard 100% whey protein. This is a method which provides training about how to develop an effective company online. They say it’s going to require little work, very little time, and you also do not have to have much expertise.

However, in my experience Athletic Greens has been a better product.

DHA is encouraged for heart health, but vegans have a reduced danger of cardiovascular disease, and we aren’t sure if more EPA or DHA would substantially help vegans farther. There isn’t any incontrovertible signs that vegans are being hurt by lower blood levels of DHA, but to be safe, some vegans choose to check out the recommendations of vegan health professionals that have concerns about possible neurological issues in vegans as a result of long term DHA need.

It is suggested for vegans over 60 years old to supplement daily with algae-derived DHA. Some aged vegans experienced no DHA in their blood, when examined. And those vegans who do not carefully plan their diet to contain considerable sources of ALA, might also be lacking DHA.

Some experts also recommend going for a detox tea like skinny fit, but that might not be required.

Also, High in iodine, sea kelp helps our body’s thyroid function and metabolic rate.

Recommended doses are: Under 60 years old , take 200 300 milligrams of vegan DHA every 2-3 days. Over 60 years old , take 200 300 milligrams daily. Avoid oils full of omega 6, including corn, soy, safflower, sunflower, sesame, and vegetable combinations due to the fact that they interfere with the absorption of omega 3. Instead use olive oil or organic canola oil.

Additionally, contain a dietary supply of omega 3 daily, for example, a couple of walnuts, teaspoons of flaxseed oil, 1 tsp of organic canola (rapeseed) oil, or 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseed, etc. Now you may make the best choice in the event that you have to supplement with vegan DHA/EPA.

Is Organifi Superfood Protein Powder the real deal?

The expression ‘organic supplements’ was used again and again while talking about the best method to reside a healthier life style, but the majority of people are not actually specific as to what an organic health supplement really is and exactly how they could offer benefits. Aside from the valuable vitamins and herbs that are contained within these nutritional supplements, there are absolutely no synthetic ingredients or chemical ingredients included, producing the organic and natural variety your best option.

Their marketing is superb and very personal and direct! They have to say this:- “As a team, we were prepared for another thing in growing the Organifi brand. We’ve believed that among the largest problems in the nutritional supplement space continues to be the insufficient transparency between firms and consumers, notably as it pertains to the ingredients used in their own nutritional supplement formulas. After viewing so a lot of people being mislead in grocery stores and day-to-day dialogue, we recognized the pressing must raise consciousness in regards to the present state of the nutritional supplement business-after all, the products in many cases are have daily.”

We’ve received tremendous support in our firm’s efforts, and have gotten to a stage where we feel assured to expand our distribution and reach. Having understood other business creators like Ora Organics who have been featured on Shark Tank and viewing the value-add the Sharks supply, we needed to really go on the show to experience these advantages first hand.

After water, protein is the most plentiful material in your body. Our bodies do not keep protein so we need to get it regular. The USDA Organic plant protein is cleaner and much more sustainable than whey and non-organic plant choices. Ora’s Superfood Protein is USDA Organic, plant-based, vegan, raw, dairy-free, gluten free, soy-free, non-GMO, and contains no artificial ingredients.

Ingredients:- GO ORGANIC Our all-natural, raw, vegan, sprouted and gluten free protein is loaded with all-natural superfoods and greens. Have a look. All-Natural early seeds and grains: Sprouted Quinoa, Flax Seed, Hemp, Sacha Inchi, Sprouted Amaranth, Pea and Sprouted Rice. All-Natural wild berries and greens: Acai Berry, Kale, Spirulina, Blueberry, Maqui Berry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Chlorella, Broccoli, Wheat Grass, Oat Grass and Parsley.

It’s very similar to Ora Organic’s WAY BETTER THAN WHEY – Whey protein is made of the unwanted bits of cheese makers. The dairy product used frequently comes from cattle raised with artificial growth hormones (rBST & rBGH), antibiotics and genetically modified grain laden with pesticides. Additionally, whey is famous to cause bloating and allergy symptoms. Their Superfood Protein is all-natural, non-GMO , sustainable and packages 19g of protein per serving. Produced in america.

Those who are working towards bodybuilding will find that they require the natural protein supplements in order to produce the human anatomy in the shortest quantity of time.

When different ailments occur, organic supplements could be employed properly. Numerous for the herbs and minerals included within the nutritional supplements can work to alleviate back vexation, headaches, and a number of other unpleasant medical disorders. This is also true if the discomfort is present due to a scarcity of a particular nutrient in the body, while working out.

Those bodybuilders who are allergic to a few of the synthetic ingredients which are usually contained in non-organic supplements like Ora’s WAY BETTER THAN WHEY will find the organic selection to be a great answer for acquiring the essential vitamins for a wholesome and balanced life.

This struck me as pricy and hopefully there is going to be a cost-fall as soon as they get going. The reduction was what helped me pull the trigger on buying. When it comes to health benefits of Omega 3? I will need certainly to wait and find out. I have made a decision to return to school to get a Masters Degree (Autumn 2016) so maybe this may help me beef up the old mind and memory.

I’ve been using plant based protein for quite a while to change upward from whey and casein. I actually believe having variety in one’s supplementation is an excellent thing, keeping so e basic products that will not transform and adding some new things every now and then. This whey is the fifth plant established product I’ve used (before this I attempted NuZest’s Clean Lean Protein, Muscle Empire’s Pea Protein Isolate, garden of Life’s Uncooked Meal and Uncooked Fit) and I will declare that for some reason they all taste somewhat chalky but in the exact same time they may be quite simple on one’s belly, particularly compared with a number of the concentrates in the marketplace which aren’t as readily digested.


Numerous reasons exist why you might start thinking about having a nutritional supplement and organic supplements usually give you probably the most gain. It’s estimated that 90% of US citizens do not get the appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals into the foods that are eaten, therefore it is obviously smart to workout while taking an organic supplement.

The Organifi green juice and protein drink can also be all all-natural and also the ingredient’s label is extremely remarkable (it resembles the recipe to get an enormous vegan salad). I normally purchase this form of merchandise just in a discount since I believe they’ve been exceedingly pricey for someone using a caloric and protein intake as high as mine but one can not actually say anything negative about a product like this.

I am hoping I get some sort of deal later on since I wish to make use of this again. I had been planning to give four stars for the high cost but then being Italian I though it’d be like four starring Ferrari for being high-priced without taking into consideration the grade in their automobiles.

When the choice to take a health supplement regarding the organic variety has been made, locating the health supplement that has the particular type of vitamins and minerals that are required could be easier than you think. Many online stores have many organic herbs and minerals available and typically have a larger selection compared to the neighborhood pharmacy.

Can be taken on an empty stomach.

The liquid green supplements are generally those that are prescribed by a physician as they are the most concentrated. The Organifi green juice supplements are typically useful for specific conditions, so speaking with a physician that uses homeopathic techniques can be the ideal option to locate the supplements which are necessary for the healthiest lifestyle.

I will be not overly comfortable sharing this but I will get it done for the benefit of assisting others. The physician prescribe a costly lotion which wasn’t covered by my insurance and fiber two times a day. This treatment would restrain my amount of pain but did not cure me. Taking a glass of fiber two times a day had not been a nice experience as well as the complete procedure for mix, drinking and cleaning the sticky deposit from my cup before leaving to work or going to bed proved to be just a little time consuming.

Cheaper alternatives to Athletic Greens and Organifi

Here I also list some of the cheaper options, that aren’t as great as Athletic Greens, but still do a pretty good job.

Actually, when looking for the best superfood powder, you need to factor in both quality and price.

First, try and figure out what kind of superfoods you’re looking for. Do you want a single ingredient superfood powder or do you want a blend? If so, what kind of blend? Green foods only? Just berries? Raw? Protein-rich?

The list goes on and on, and the various types of superfood powders available range from simple things like the aforementioned qualities to even complex matters like superfoods extracted from a specific geographic location or extracted using cold processing technology (raw/undenatured).

If you don’t know what that means, it means it’s going to be more expensive. In all honesty, I’d go with one of the following blends because they combine a good mix of price/quality:-

(Before checking out this list, remember if you want the best green superfoods powder and don’t care about the price, go for Athletic Greens. )


  • IdealGreen :- Chock full of barley, alfalfa, wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, algae, ginger and many other grasses and greens. One of our favorites because it is so pure and nutrient rich. I recommend this if you can’t afford Athletic Greens. It’s an affordable alternative and the best among its peers.
  • Perfect Supplements Aquatic Greens – Organic: Pure blend of organic spirulina and chlorella powder. Can’t beat the price either. One of our top picks! They also offer other superfoods like alfalfa, wheat grass, barley, apple pectin, red beet, chlorella, milk thistle, grapeseed, broccoli and much more. See their healthy greens collection.
  • Perfect Supplements Chlorella Powder – Organic: Pure, organic chlorella powder.
  • Perfect Supplements 3 grass blend: A great blend of 3 natural grass – organic barley, oat and wheat grass . Makes for a great smoothie boost.
  • BulkSupplements Chlorella Powder: Unbeatable price!!
  • Perfect Supplements Plant Protein – This is an ideal blend of hemp, mushroom, and brown rice protein enhanced with enzymes and probiotics. Vegetarian protein powders are easily digestible and perfect for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. This vegetarian protein powder contains an immune system enhancing blend of super food mushrooms including Reishi, King Trumpet, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Shiitake and Maitake.
  • Rawgeneration PROTEIN CLEANSE – Protein Smoothies & cold pressed juices :- Awesome variety of green and antioxidants juices for protein smoothies and cleansing containing ingredients like spinach, kale, apple, dry fruits, flax seeds, dates, chia seeds etc. etc. It’s more on the expensive side but save 75% if you subscribe.
  • Barlean’s Greens – Nature’s Perfect Superfood: Probably the highest quality superfood powder on the market. It’s also on the expensive side.
  • Klamath Blue Green Algae Powder: 100% pure blue green algae from Klamath, Oregon. Over 60% protein by weight and one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.
  • Futurebiotics Certified Organic Digestive Greens: A tablet form of wheat grass, spirulina, barley grass and fennel sprout. Just in case you can’t handle all the powders ?
  • Nutricology: ProGreens Powder: A great mix of greens rich in natural protein and healthy fats. Definitely check this one out if you’re looking for a smaller trial size tub of premium greens powder.
  • Nutra Forme Cyto Greens for Athletes: An energy-packed superfood powder rich in natural greens, enzymes, fiber, and detoxifying herbs like milk thistle. A great all around greens powder for athletes, bodybuilders or even regular people looking for a natural energy boost.
  • MRM Daily Energy Greens – 100% All Natural: 15,000 ORAC units per serving, 100% all natural greens.
  • Eclectic Institute: Eclectic Institute makes many different freeze-dried superfood POW-ders (as they call them) that contain only 100% organic, natural & free-dried pure food extracts. An incredibly popular brand with plenty of healthy superfood powders to choose from.
  • Jarrow Green Defense: A popular green superfood blend that has been formulated specifically with immune boosting plant powders.
  • Green Foods Green Magma: Barley grass tablets that are rich in protein and chlorophyll. If you’re looking for a tablet greens powder, here you go!
  • Nature’s life Green Whey Pro-96: Whey protein and greens superfoods, can you beat that combo? Makes for a delicious, healthy breakfast boost.
  • Olympian Labs – Greens Protein 8 in 1: A hemp protein fortified greens protein powder. One of our most popular because it contains hemp, pea and brown rice protein and tastes great!
  • Kyo-Green Energy (Powder): A great greens powder for those looking to increase their natural energy levels.


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